E-Bike Lovers Code of Conduct

Based on feedback from our e-bikers and IMBA's Code of Conduct, we have compiled the world's first and only Code of Conduct for e-bikers to keep our rides safe and enjoyable.

We pride ourselves as the most inclusive e-biking group in the DMW-area. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, gender, political preferences, and e-biking capabilities, and WHEN YOU follow these guidelines: 

respect each other

We refrain from playing loud music on the trail.

We warn other trail users of our arrival with verbal or mechanical warnings that respect others, especially in blind corners and areas with poor sight lines.

We stay polite to others (even when we are accused of "cheating" when we pass someone on a hill) and avoid any kind of rudeness during our events. These are good skills to have regardless of your participation in our events.

We carry front and backlights on our e-bikes (that do not blind oncoming traffic), also during the day.

enjoy nature

We stop for turtles and other animals on the path. They have the right of way.

We practice the "Leave No Trace" principle. As responsible hikers leave only their footprints on the trail, we are responsible e-bikers who leave only tire prints.

We avoid muddy trails and do not ride around standing water, but through water when this is safe. This helps with the maintenance of unpaved trails.

We yield to horses (they can be unpredictable), tricycles, reclined bikes, unicycles, elliptical bikes, thru-bikers on the C&O Canal Towpath, bikers with children, and foot traffic.

follow the law

We follow traffic rules and regulations.

We refrain from biking where it is not allowed.

We stop at stop signs and traffic lights for our safety and that of others.

We wear a helmet.

We adhere to posted speed limits.

We follow directions from park rangers and other park and trail officials.

We follow our COVID-19 guidelines.

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