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We are an inclusive social group of e-bikers in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland

Everyone is welcome 

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My Next Car is an E-bike

What will yours be?

Over 1,500 Miles of E-bike Lovers' Curated Trails

We proudly maintain the largest trail repository for e-bike lovers in partnership with RideWithGPS. We have e-biked them all. We love them, so will you. Click on any route for more information.

You can download the biking trails directly to the RideWithGPS app on your smartphone.

The routes are also suitable for regular "analog" riders. 

Just check the elevation profile for each ride, as we love to e-bike in hilly terrains!

Move the map with the mouse and click on + and - buttons in the top left hand corner to zoom in and out.

Show Your E-bike Love With Custom-Designed Jerseys and T-shirts

Upon the request of E-bike Lovers, Thomas and Karin have enlisted Primal Wear to design E-bike Lovers' first-ever T-shirts and jerseys!

This is not a fundraiser. All proceeds are used to buy the jersey and shirts at the lowest price possible. If we get ten buyers, we can order shirts and jerseys.

We have high-quality Active Shirt, Ilex Jersey, and FiveK Technical shirts on offer.

E-bike Lovers participates in the 2022 Annual National Bike Summit

The 23rd Annual National Bike Summit will take place Sunday, March 27 - Wednesday, March 30, 2022. At the 2022 National Bike Summit, attendees will convene around the theme of Choosing Our Future.

E-bikes are our future. If the sales figures in Europe indicate the future of e-mobility in the US, e-biking will soon dominate new bicycle sales in the US. 

Do you have suggestions on how we can improve infrastructure for e-biking? Do you have any concerns about safety standards, the regulatory environment, e-bike insurance, e-bike classification systems, and safety? Let us know.

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E-bike Documentary

A story of the electric bicycle in the United States 

Meet the Director

Starting in April 2022, we are going to e-bike over 3,400 miles cross-country along the Lincoln Highway, in search of e-bike stories. Do you live along the trail and have a story to tell? Please let us know.

Cross Country E-bike Itinerary

Lincoln Highway E-bike Tour – Segment 01 – Washington DC – Pittsburgh – C&O and GAP
Lincoln Highway E-bike Tour – Segment 02 – Pittsburgh – Fort Wayne
Lincoln Highway E-bike Tour – Segment 03 – Fort Wayne – Clinton
Lincoln Highway E-bike Tour – Segment 04 – Clinton – Avoca Near Denison
Lincoln Highway E-bike Tour – Segment 05 – Avoca – Gothenburg
Lincoln Highway E-bike Tour – Segment 06 – Gothenburg – Laramie
Lincoln Highway E-bike Tour – Segment 07 – Laramie – Salt Lake City
Lincoln Highway E-bike Tour – Segment 08 – Salt Lake City – Ely
Lincoln Highway E-bike Tour – Segment 09 – Ely – Carson City
Lincoln Highway E-bike Tour – Segment 10 – Carson City – San Francisco

E-Bike Lovers

We are an inclusive social group of e-bikers in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Everyone is welcome

Who we are

E-bike Lovers is a social group of electric bicycle users

We bike in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We organize free guided e-bike rides (Meetup) and social events. We also review booksmovies, and e-bike accessories, such as our favorite handlebar mirror everyone talks about. 

Please read about our COVID-19 response and Code of Conduct.

why we do it

Together we achieve more

In these difficult times, we can do more together than alone. As COVID-19 impacts all of us, it is essential to be in nature, exercise, and socialize safely.

E-bike Lovers provide the opportunity to meet new people and jump on a bike and explore areas seen from a new perspective. We follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Donate at least $20 annually and download our trails with the RideWithGPS app for free.

All donations offset the running costs of E-bike Lovers.

E-mountain bikers - We need your support with new groundbreaking research

E-bike Lovers supports a research project by Dr. Tim Jones of Oxford Brookes University (UK) into the growing participation in electric mountain biking (EMTB). I have already participated in the interview, and it was a lot of fun. 

If you are interested in taking part in a 45-minute interview (online or by telephone), please contact gregory_maassen@ebikelovers.com or contact the researcher directly at  Dr. Tim Jones (Researcher), School of the Built Environment, Oxford Brookes University, 01865 483436 tjones@brookes.ac.uk

All eMTBs are Welcome to Participate in the Research Program

To qualify, you need to have mountain biked with an e-bike. You do not need to be a professional biker. All experience levels, from total beginner to expert, are welcome. I am a total EMTB beginner and still could share a lot of useful information with the researcher. I am sure, you can too.

About the Research Program

What is the purpose of the study and why have I been asked to participate?

The off-road, E-Mountain Bike (‘eMTB’) market is growing. This is arguably providing an opportunity for people, particularly older people, who would otherwise have difficulty cycling in this type of environment, to access the outdoors to improve their health and wellbeing. However, critics point out that eMTBs should not be sharing the same trails as human-powered mountain bikes because of their incompatibility in terms of speed and experience of users leading to potential conflict.

We are interested in understanding your motives for and experiences of becoming an electric mountain biker and what this might mean for culture and sport in general as well as other domains such as transport and health.

Meet other People

We are an inclusive, social group, and everyone is welcome, even if you don't have an e-bike.


We bring you to places in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia you may not have seen before.

Get Exercise

E-biking regularly is a great way to be active and improve your health. Get on an e-bike and join us.

Nathan Merris

Regional Representative - E-bike Lovers

We deliver miles of smiles.

We organize bike rides and social events

Books and Movies

Looking for a book and movie Zoom-club to join? Read our books and watch movies for inspiration and motivation, and meet other like-minded people in a positive, nurturing environment.

E-bike Lovers MeetUp - Guided Biking Events

Get on your electric bicycle (e-bike) and join others in exploring the DC Metropolitan Area. We use our electric bicycles on trails between 15-25 miles (sometimes longer) in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Click here to join us on Meetup.

Self-guided Tours

Download our e-bike friendly trail sheets with self-guided directions and jump on your e-bike to explore the DC Metropolitan Area.

Special Events

Relive your e-biking experiences and highlights, and meet others during our special events announced on our Meetup page.


Meet Sushil Reddy and his Guinness Book World Record-Breaking Attempt

Sushil is not new to breaking world records with solar-powered bicycles and vehicles. In 2019, he drove across India for 6,000+ kilometers in a partially solar-powered retrofitted electric tuk-tuk. 

Now he is breaking a world record e-biking from North Carolina to Texas, a 6,000+ mile journey in 90+ days from August to November 2021 as part of the Sun Pedal initiative.

E-bike Lovers is a proud supporter of Sun Pedal 2021 by providing a Riese & Muller Supercharger e-bike for the record-breaking attempt.

E-bike Lovers

My next car is an e-bike

We are the only and largest e-biking group in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia

We keep track of E-bike regulations and technology

e-bike Accessories

We review e-bike accessories available through Amazon's Affiliate Program. Accessories are reviewed after a minimum of 500 miles on our e-bikes.

where to e-bike

The many jurisdictions in DC, Maryland and Virginia have different e-bike regulations and restrictions. We keep track of legislative developments so you can focus on e-biking.


Learn more about the maintenance of your e-bike, safety, e-bike classifications, technology, equipment, and legislation in partnership with E-bike Lovers' partner organizations.


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