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We are an inclusive social group of e-bikers in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland

Everyone is welcome 

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My Next Car is an E-bike

What will yours be?

Fostering a Love for the E-biking Lifestyle

E-bike Lovers is a community that brings together individuals who have a passion for electric bicycles. We provide a platform for e-bike enthusiasts to connect, share experiences, inspire others to e-bike, and discuss all things related to electric bicycles.

E-Bike Lovers E-bike Buying Checklist

Download our free checklist (PDF) to ensure you purchase a high-quality, safe, and suitable e-bike and follow our recommendations to avoid buying a product that doesn’t meet your needs.

Whether you're a seasoned e-bike rider or just starting out, this community in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area is inclusive and welcoming to all. The goal of E-bike Lovers is to promote the use of e-bikes as a means of sustainable transportation and foster a love for the e-biking lifestyle. 

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An E-biking Opportunity of a Lifetime: E-bike the C&O Canal Towpath with E-bike Lovers

E-bike Lovers' self-guided e-bike tour is divided in four days of outstanding e-cycling adventures. Each e-biking day has distinctive characteristics and offers unparalleled diversity with historic sites, towns, campsites, overlooks, locks, lock houses, aqueducts, waterfalls, tunnels, and hiking trails.

Four days of cycling provide unlimited e-biking opportunities on gravel cycling paths protected from motorized traffic. 

2023 Schedule

Friday, 14 July: Arrival in Cumberland from Washington DC and overnight
Saturday, 15 July: Cumberland to Hancock (Berkely Springs) - 61 miles
Sunday, 16 July: Hancock (Berkely Springs) - Williamsport (Hagerstown) - 32 miles
Monday, 17 July: Williamsport (Hagerstown) - Brunswick - 47 miles
Tuesday, 18 July: Brunswick - Washington DC - 55 miles

Book accommodation soon in Hancock (Berkely Springs), Williamsport (Hagerstown), and especially Brunswick as options are limited.


How You Can Participate

Visit E-bike Lovers' Meetup page to register for the 2023 C&O Canal Towpath E-bike Expedition

Small logo of e-bike lovers with an electric bike in black and white

E-bike Lovers Goes Cross-Country

We e-biked across America for a fundraiser. The tour started on April 2 and was completed after 4,685+ miles four months later. We have designed a brand-new route that starts in Washington DC and ends in San Francisco.

Dr. Gregory F. Maassen, founder of E-bike Lovers, raised over $178,000 for the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy by e-biking  4,685.8 Miles = 7541.1 KM across the United States.

Dr. Maassen gives an update on the one-person e-bike convoy traveling across America. He has arrived at the finish line in San Francisco, California, after cycling 4,685.8 miles in four months.

2,000+ Miles of E-bike Lovers' Curated Trails

We proudly maintain the largest trail repository for e-bike lovers in partnership with RideWithGPS. We have e-biked them all. We love them, so will you. Click on any route for more information.

You can download the biking trails directly to the RideWithGPS app on your smartphone.

The routes are also suitable for regular "analog" riders. 

Just check the elevation profile for each ride, as we love to e-bike in hilly terrains!

  • DC

  • Maryland

  • Virginia

  • Pennsylvania

  • regional

E-bike Tours Starting in Washington DC

Move the map with the mouse and click on + and - buttons in the top left hand corner to zoom in and out.

Win a Free $80 E-bike Lovers Custom-Designed Jersey

Thank you all for ordering T-shirts and jerseys. The shop is now closed. 

To win a free E-bike Lovers Primal Wear top-quality jersey, you needed to order a jersey through the online shop. The winner of a free jersey was announced in March 2022 during this event.

Product Reviews

E-bike Lovers E-bike Shop Survey

Are you happy with your bike shop? What makes you want to come back to the shop? 

Is the "Internet-e-bike" you bought serviced by your local e-bike shop? What happens when you service an e-bike, and it gets lost?

E-bike Documentary

A story of the electric bicycle in the United States 

Meet the Director

We e-biked 4,685+ miles cross-country along the Lincoln Highway, in search of e-bike stories. Do you live along the trail and have a story to tell? Please let us know.

E-Bike Lovers

We are an inclusive social group of e-bikers in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Everyone is welcome

Who we are

E-bike Lovers is a social group of electric bicycle users

We bike in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We organize free self-guided e-bike rides (Meetup) and social events. We also review booksmovies, and e-bike accessories, such as our favorite handlebar mirror everyone talks about. 

Please read about our COVID-19 response and Code of Conduct.

why we do it

Together we achieve more

In these difficult times, we can do more together than alone. As COVID-19 impacts all of us, it is essential to be in nature, exercise, and socialize safely.

E-bike Lovers provide the opportunity to meet new people and jump on a bike and explore areas seen from a new perspective. We follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Meet other People

We are an inclusive, social group, and everyone is welcome, even if you don't have an e-bike.


We bring you to places in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia you may not have seen before.

Get Exercise

E-biking regularly is a great way to be active and improve your health. Get on an e-bike and join us.

Nathan Merris

Regional Representative - E-bike Lovers

We deliver miles of smiles.

We organize bike rides and social events

Books and Movies

Looking for a book and movie Zoom-club to join? Read our books and watch movies for inspiration and motivation, and meet other like-minded people in a positive, nurturing environment.

E-bike Lovers MeetUp - Self-Guided Biking Events

Get on your electric bicycle (e-bike) and join others in exploring the DC Metropolitan Area. We use our electric bicycles on trails between 15-25 miles (sometimes longer) in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Click here to join us on Meetup.

Self-guided Tours

Download our e-bike friendly trail sheets with self-guided directions and jump on your e-bike to explore the DC Metropolitan Area.

Special Events

Relive your e-biking experiences and highlights, and meet others during our special events announced on our Meetup page.

E-bike Lovers

My next car is an e-bike

We are the only and largest e-biking group in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia

We keep track of E-bike regulations and technology

e-bike Accessories

We review e-bike accessories available through Amazon's Affiliate Program. Accessories are reviewed after a minimum of 500 miles on our e-bikes.

where to e-bike

The many jurisdictions in DC, Maryland and Virginia have different e-bike regulations and restrictions. We keep track of legislative developments so you can focus on e-biking.


Learn more about the maintenance of your e-bike, safety, e-bike classifications, technology, equipment, and legislation in partnership with E-bike Lovers' partner organizations.

Secure Your Ride: Protect Your E-bike with the ABUS 5950 NR PRO Shield Plus + 6KS/85 + ST5950 Bicycle Lock

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