E-biking is in Your Future

We are an inclusive social group of e-bikers in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland

Everyone is welcome 

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My Next Car is an E-bike

What will yours be?

E-bike Documentary

A story of the electric bicycle in the United States 

E-Bike Lovers

We are an inclusive social group of e-bikers in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. Everyone is welcome

Who we are

E-bike Lovers is a social group of electric bicycle users

We bike in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. We organize free guided e-bike rides (Meetup) and social events. We also review booksmovies, and e-bike accessories, such as our favorite handlebar mirror everyone talks about. 

Read about our COVID-19 response and Code of Conduct.

why we do it

Together we achieve more

In these difficult times, we can do more together than alone. As COVID-19 has an impact on all of us, it is important to be in nature, exercise, and socialize in a safe way.

E-bike Lovers provides the opportunity to meet new people and jump on a bike, and explore areas seen from a new perspective. We follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

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Meet other People

We are an inclusive, social group, and everyone is welcome. Even if you don't have an e-bike.


We bring you to places in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia you may not have seen before.

Get Exercise

E-biking regularly is a great way to be active and improve your health. Get on an e-bike and join us.

We organize bike rides and social events

Books and Movies

Looking for a book and movie Zoom-club to join? Read our books and watch movies for inspiration and motivation, and meet other like-minded people in a positive, nurturing environment.

E-bike Lovers MeetUp - Guided Biking Events

Get on your electric bicycle (e-bike) and join others in exploring the DC Metropolitan Area. We use our electric bicycles on trails between 15-25 miles (sometimes longer) in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Click here to join us on Meetup.

Self-guided Tours

Download our e-bike friendly trail sheets with self-guided directions and jump on your e-bike to explore the DC Metropolitan Area.

Special Events

Relive your e-biking experiences and highlights, and meet others during our special events announced on our Meetup page.

E-bike Lovers

My next car is an e-bike

We are the only and largest e-biking group in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia

We keep track of E-bike regulations and technology

e-bike Accessories

We review e-bike accessories available through Amazon's Affiliate Program. Accessories are reviewed after a minimum of 500 miles on our e-bikes.

where to e-bike

The many jurisdictions in DC, Maryland and Virginia have different e-bike regulations and restrictions. We keep track of legislative developments so you can focus on e-biking.


Learn more about the maintenance of your e-bike, safety, e-bike classifications, technology, equipment, and legislation in partnership with E-bike Lovers' partner organizations.


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