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My Next Car is an E-bike

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Whether you're a seasoned e-bike rider or just starting out, our community in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area is inclusive and welcoming to all. The goal of E-bike Lovers is to promote the use of e-bikes as a means of sustainable transportation and foster a love for the e-biking lifestyle. 

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Download our free checklist (PDF) to ensure you purchase a high-quality, safe, and suitable e-bike and follow our recommendations to avoid buying a product that doesn’t meet your needs.

2,000+ Miles of E-bike Lovers' Curated Trails

We proudly maintain the largest trail repository for e-bike lovers in partnership with RideWithGPS. We have e-biked them all. We love them, so will you. Click on any route for more information.

Interested in e-biking with us? Visit E-bike Lovers' free RideWithGPS Club page for free turn-by-turn directions for over 2,000+ miles of curated e-bike trails.

E-bike Lovers Goes Cross-Country

We e-biked across America for a fundraiser. The tour started on April 2 and was completed after 4,685+ miles four months later. We have designed a brand-new route that starts in Washington DC and ends in San Francisco.

Dr. Gregory F. Maassen, founder of E-bike Lovers, raised over $184,000 for the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy by e-biking 4,685.8 Miles = 7541.1 KM across the United States.

Win a Free $80 E-bike Lovers Custom-Designed Jersey

Thank you all for ordering T-shirts and jerseys. The shop is now closed. 

To win a free E-bike Lovers Primal Wear top-quality jersey, you needed to order a jersey through the online shop. The winner of a free jersey was announced in March 2022 during this event.

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An E-biking Opportunity of a Lifetime: E-bike the C&O Canal Towpath with E-bike Lovers

2024 Schedule

Friday, September 13: Arrival in Cumberland from Washington DC and overnight
Saturday, September 14: Cumberland to Hancock - 61 miles
Sunday, September 15: Hancock - Williamsport (or Hagerstown) - 32 miles
Monday, September 16: Williamsport (or Hagerstown) - Brunswick - 47 miles
Tuesday, September 17: Brunswick - Washington DC - 55 miles

Book accommodation soon in Hancock, Williamsport (or Hagerstown), and especially Brunswick as options are limited.


E-bike Lovers E-bike Shop Survey

Are you happy with your bike shop? What makes you want to come back to the shop? 

Is the "Internet-e-bike" you bought serviced by your local e-bike shop? What happens when you service an e-bike, and it gets lost?

E-bike Documentary

A story of the electric bicycle in the United States 

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Get on your electric bicycle (e-bike) and join others in exploring the DC Metropolitan Area. We use our electric bicycles on trails between 15-25 miles (sometimes longer) in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Click here to join us on Meetup.

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Download our e-bike friendly trail sheets with self-guided directions and jump on your e-bike to explore the DC Metropolitan Area.

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E-bike Lovers

My next car is an e-bike

We are the only and largest e-biking group in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia

We keep track of E-bike regulations and technology

e-bike Accessories

We review e-bike accessories available through Amazon's Affiliate Program. Accessories are reviewed after a minimum of 500 miles on our e-bikes.

where to e-bike

The many jurisdictions in DC, Maryland and Virginia have different e-bike regulations and restrictions. We keep track of legislative developments so you can focus on e-biking.


Learn more about the maintenance of your e-bike, safety, e-bike classifications, technology, equipment, and legislation in partnership with E-bike Lovers' partner organizations.


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