E-bike Lovers

My next car is an e-bike

We are the only and largest e-biking group in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia

Get on your electric bicycle - E-bike and join others in exploring the DC metropolitan area

Easy Going and Inclusive

We are an easy-going group and do not train for the Olympics. Everyone is welcome, including riders on non-assisted bikes. The group is a great way to share your experience with an electric bicycle - e-bike.

Not Too Fast and Too Far

We use our electric bicycles to bike around 12 mph and enjoy navigating the hillsides with our modern marvels of transport technology. We normally bike between 20-25 miles, and longer during "out of town" events.

Excellent Trip Planning

Plan 2-3 hours for each trip. You can stop at any time and return home. There is no requirement to finish the journey. We organize trips to have fun, to be outdoors, to get exercise, and meet other wonderful people.


We follow COVID-19 guidelines and keep at least a bike (6 feet) distance from others and we wear our masks. We share trip itineraries with maps and GPS files before each ride, so you can keep an even greater distance from other bikers.

Here is Our Awesome Team

Gregory is a former executive of large foreign development programs (World Bank and USAID). He loves the outdoors, including kayaking on the Potomac River and riding his Riese & Muller E-bike.

Dr. Gregory F. Maassen

chief e-bike lover and founder ebikelovers.com

Janet is a lawyer who enjoys a good book and traveling to lesser-known destinations, exploring new cultures and cuisines.

Janet Katz

Senior editor, advisor and legal counsel e-bike lovers

Brian is a world-renowned strategic digital marketing advisor who has worked with CNN, World Bank, USAID and leading companies. He is passionate about touring the African continent.

Brian McCotter MsC

Communications, Digital Marketing and Brand Management E-BIKE LOVERS

Mary's broad expertise ranges from physics, chemistry, nuclear engineering to executive leadership of large health programs. She loves to lead biking tours and convert bicycles with e-bike kits. 

Mary Parisi MsC

reston Virginia e-bike lovers representative

Our Advisory Board

Henry Posner


Elizabeth Lichter


Judith Macaluso


Paulette Fried



Paul Levett


Martin Smit



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An excellent opportunity to learn more about e-bikes

Learn more about electric bicycles from those who use them daily or weekly. What is their experience? What should you avoid when you are in the market for an(other) electric bicycle? How do you manage batteries?

These are just some of the questions you may ask other members while we pedal on our e-bikes.

Weather and cancellation

There is never a lousy biking day; there are only bad biking clothes. We plan to bike year-round, including in the winter (but within reason). With the right clothing and protective gear, this can be a great experience.

What you need to know

We always follow traffic rules and stop for stop signs. Safety and fun first. We frequently ride on roads with other traffic. It will help if you feel comfortable doing this.

You join us at your own risk, and you are responsible for your own safety and following the law.

Future developments

We may organize lectures on electric bicycles - E-bikes with specialists, test rides, and arrange day-long biking (out of town) trips once COVID-19 is under control. This will also depend on the size of this group.

As we have managed Meetup groups before, our experience indicates that we need to have a regular membership before organizing extracurricular activities. As of now, we are designing a library of e-biking tours for all to enjoy.


Participation is free. If we organize extracurricular activities, we will inform you of any costs involved. You can support us through our reader-supported Amazon-affiliate and Google Adsense website.


Contact us through the Meetup email system or this website, and we will respond quickly.

A Great opportunity

enrich your life

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