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Pre-Owned E-bike Market Place

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What makes our market place different?

Social proof helps buyers to trust e-bikes that are for sale on E-bike Lovers' Market Place. In order to post an e-bike for sale, the owner needs to meet requirements to keep faulty and stolen equipment from our website.

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E-bike Lovers' Peer-to-Peer E-bike Market Place with curated pre-owned e-bike listings is here to assist

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Here’s what we offer

Finding a second hand e-bike is not easy. E-bikes are in high demand, and quality e-bikes lasts a long time before they are sold by first-time owners.

Selling on e-bay and other market places, or through a dealer, is not an easy task. Dealers need steep discounts on the price of used e-bikes to make it financially worthwhile, assuming they are willing to trade-in a used e-bike or pay cash. 

Likewise, buying an e-bike online is risky. How can you trust the seller? Is the e-bike legitimate? Are the batteries working? Can the e-bike be maintained and are spare parts available in the US?

Circumstances arise, however, when an e-bike needs to find a new home.

Buy and Sell Pre-Owned E-bikes from a network of trusted e-bike users

E-bike Lovers maintains the only moderated Peer-to-Peer E-bike Market Place in the US with curated pre-owned e-bike listings. Contact us to post your e-bike on our platform.

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Trusted E-bike Listings

We only list e-bikes of owners who provide:

  • An e-bike maintenance history from a dealer and dealer contact information.
  • The serial number of the e-bike and proof of registration of the e-bike in the international Bike Index.
  • Proof of the seller's identity.
  • For individuals, proof that the seller has participated in at least two E-bike Lovers' events over the last 6 months or has a reference from an E-bike Lover who has participated in two E-Bike Lovers' events.
  • For dealers, the requirement to participate in E-bike Lover's activities is waived in order to post a listing.
Known E-bike Brands

We only list e-bikes from reputable manufacturers:

  • We do not list unknown brands.
  • The manufacturer of the brand must have an established service network in the US.
  • The manufacturer must be an established producer of e-bikes with a proven track record in the US.
Low Transaction Costs

We charge reasonable transaction costs in support of E-bike Lovers:

  • Listings are free if you volunteer with E-bike Lovers as a bike lead, editor, writer or organizer.
  • A listing costs $25 for other E-bike Lovers' Meetup members for a listing of one year.
  • Dealers can list an e-bike for free if a three-month warranty or longer is provided to the buyer. Otherwise the listing is $25 per e-bike for a year. We charge dealers a facilitation fee of $35 after the e-bike has been sold.
  • An additional donation is always welcome if a transaction is successful.

What we do not do!

We are not a party to the transaction. We solely collect information from the seller to verify the eligibility of a listing on the market place. We do not buy or sell e-bikes. We leave the transaction to the seller and buyer.

Small logo of e-bike lovers with an electric bike in black and white

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes E-bike Lovers' Market Place unique?

We are a peer-to-peer platform. The idea is that we know each other and that we can trust users on the platform. 

How do I know e-bikes for sale are not stolen?

We ask sellers to submit proof of ownership, an ID, contact information of the dealer the e-bike was purchased from and a photo of the e-bike's serial number.

Can dealers participate?

A bike shop can participate and list an e-bike on our marketplace for free if a three-month warranty or longer is provided to the buyer. Otherwise the listing is $25 per e-bike for a year.

Once the e-bike is sold, we charge dealers a facilitation fee of $35. 

What information will the seller share with the buyer?

We expect sellers to share with the buyer proof of ownership and the maintenance history, the dealer the e-bike was purchased from and a photo of the serial number of the e-bike. 

E-bike Lovers does not provide this information to buyers. We only collect this information to verify the legitimacy of the e-bike, and buyers should do the same. Remember, we are not a party to the transaction. 

Terms and conditions apply. See our disclaimer.

Does E-bike Lovers provide a warranty?

We are not a party to the transaction and we do not provide a warranty for the e-bike. The seller could provide a warranty, but is not required to do so. We request dealers to provide a minimum of three months warranty.

Terms and conditions apply. See our disclaimer.

How do I know the battery and bike computer are in good condition?

A battery and the board computer can be tested by a reputable bike shop for common errors.

The only way to test for the capacity (range) of the battery is to ride the bike. Batteries become weaker over time. Such is life.

Keep this in mind when you buy a pre-owned e-bike. Feel free to discuss options with the seller including test-driving the e-bike for a long distance to test the battery.

What is the Bike Index?

The Bike Index is a registry for bicycles, including e-bikes. It's simple. Submit your name, bike manufacturer, serial number, and component information to enter your bike into the most widely used bike registry on the planet.

We check the registry prior to posting an e-bike on the platform. 

How do I contact a seller?

E-bike Lovers will reach out to the seller and share the contact information of a prospective buyer. The seller will reach out to the buyer. Once contact has been established, we leave the negotiations, transaction, delivery of the e-bike and other details to the buyer and seller. 

Can I upload pictures and text to the market place?

E-bike Lovers' market place is curated and a seller cannot upload text and images to the system. You can always contact E-bike Lovers if a listing needs to be deleted or edited.

Does E-bike Lovers mediate in case of a conflict?

E-bike Lovers cannot mediate in case of a dispute regarding any transaction between buyers and sellers.