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Are you happy with your bike shop? What makes you want to come back to the shop? 

Is the "Internet-e-bike" you bought serviced by your local e-bike shop? What happens when you service an e-bike, and it gets lost?

Have you bought an e-bike online or in a bike shop? Take the survey and share your experience anonymously.

The Story

The retail e-bike market is changing rapidly. A few years ago, e-bikes would only be available at small local specialty shops. Nowadays, e-bikes have gone mainstream and are widely available wherever ordinary bicycles are sold.

At E-bike Lovers, we understand what is important to e-bikers! 

E-bikes are taking over regular bike sales. According to the National Bicycle Dealers Association, e-bikes will dominate sales shortly in the US.

With the broader availability of e-bikes, e-bike specialty shops are under tremendous pressure to compete on price and service.

Tell us how our e-bike shops are doing so we can report on success stories, trends, and developments in the retail industry!

Use our overview to see how your e-bike shop performs according to Google reviewers compared to other shops. 

The Challenge

Reading online reviews, some e-bike shops are better at delivering services than others. 

Although cyclists are remarkably loyal to their local bikes shops, it is just a matter of time until market forces dictate which bike shop will survive.

Service and price are increasingly determining the survivability of e-bike specialty shops as e-bikes are no longer a specialty product.

Overview of E-Bike Shops In and Around Washington DC

Manufacturers like Trek are setting up their retail network in our area, and regional chains such as Conte's Bike Shop and Spokes Etc. are expanding. National retail chains such as Dick's Sporting Goods and REI provide access to an ever-growing selection of e-bikes and accessories in our region. We have never seen this number of retailers servicing the e-biking community, and generally, e-bikers are happy with services levels and products.

A big thanks to all shops that prioritize client service and product quality.

"Our e-bike shops" generally receive high scores, with few exceptions. The estimated average Google review score for e-bike shops in our area for 2021:

E-bike Lovers has identified some 50 locations where e-bikes are available and serviced near Washington DC.

We are experiencing a significant increase in retailers in and around Washington DC selling e-bikes compared to just one e-bike shop a few years ago. Click on the map's legend (top left corner of the map) to see individual Google reviews of each store. Click on the square on the top right for a full view of the map.

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