Academic Research – User Conflicts: Most Other Trail Users Cannot Differentiate Between a Traditional Bicycle and an E-bike on Trails
Academic Research – Safety: E-bikes Generally Travel at Speeds Similar to Traditional Bicycles on Roadways, Off-street Paths, and Natural Surface Trails
Academic Research – Nature and Environment: E-bikes Have Order-of-Magnitude Lower Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollutant Emissions than Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles
Academic Research – Equality: The Gender Discrepancy Between E-bike Users is Proportionally Lower than that of Traditional Bicycle Users in the United States
Academic Research – Access: E-bikes Provide a New Option to Cycle Regardless of Physical Fitness, Age, Disability, Recent Injury, High Altitude, or Challenging Terrain
Academic Research – Health: E-bikes, Like Other Forms of Active Transportation, Can Improve Individual and Community Health