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Bipartisan Bill Aims to Elevate E-Bike Safety with New Battery Standards

A new bipartisan initiative called the "Setting Consumer Standards for Lithium-Ion Batteries Act" has been proposed to enhance the safety and dependability of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries used in micromobility devices such as electric bicycles.

With the surge in adopting e-bikes as a crucial form of transportation, the safety of their lithium-ion batteries, particularly those that lack UL certification or do not adhere to other rigorous safety standards, has become a significant concern.

This legislative proposal mandates the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to develop a consumer product safety standard to reduce risks and boost consumer confidence in e-bikes and other micromobility devices using lithium-ion batteries.

The legislation outlines the CPSC's responsibility to define the standard's scope covering batteries and micromobility devices to implement enforcement measures against entities that fail to comply with new safety standards.

E-bike Lovers' Take

This bill is a strategic and essential measure in response to the expanding use of micromobility devices powered by lithium-ion batteries, emphasizing the importance of consumer safety by enforcing stringent safety standards.

We welcome any initiative that safeguards the safety of our e-biking community and contributes to the micro-mobility sector's sustainable development.

For updates on the progress of this legislation, see:

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