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Posted by E-bike Lovers on January 8, 2024 - Latest revision January 8, 2024  Reading time: minutes remaining

E-Biking on a Budget: How Inexpensive Chain Checkers Keep Costs Down

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A Bicycle Bike Chain Wear Checker Measurement Tool measures the wear and tear on an e-bike chain, indicating when it's time to replace it to avoid performance issues and prevent damage to other drivetrain components. The tool usually has a scale or notches to fit between chain links, showing wear levels, typically at 0.75% and 1%.

Time to replace the chain.

Different Models, Same Principle

While numerous models of Bicycle Bike Chain Wear Checker Measurement Tools are available on Amazon, fundamentally, they all serve the same basic function. Despite variations in brand, design, or minor features, the core purpose of these tools is to measure the extent of wear on a bicycle chain. They typically operate on the same principle: indicating the degree of chain stretch to inform the user when a chain replacement is necessary.

The BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Chain Wear Indicator Tool Chain Checker is one of the more affordable and popular bike chain wear indicators on the market.

Saving Money

A stretched chain can cause uneven and accelerated wear on other drivetrain components like cassettes and chainrings. These parts are typically more expensive to replace than the chain itself. Regularly checking and replacing the chain before it becomes excessively worn can extend the life of these components, thus saving money in the long run.

Chain Stretch

Chain stretch is a bit of a misnomer. It's not that the metal links of the chain are physically stretching, but rather, the wear occurs in the chain's pins and bushings. This wear increases the length between the links, leading to misalignment with the gear teeth.

A chain stretched beyond its intended tolerance can lead to several problems. It reduces the power transfer efficiency from the pedals to the wheels, as the energy gets wasted in the slippage. Secondly, it can cause accelerated wear on the cassette and chainrings since the teeth of these components are designed to fit closely with the chain’s dimensions.

A chain checker on a bicycle chain

The chain is still OK.

When a chain is too stretched, it doesn't mesh well, leading to uneven and increased wear on these expensive parts.

When to Replace the Chain

Place the checker onto a segment of the chain then see whether the chain checker lies completely flat on the chain. If so, replace the chain. However, the chain is still good to use if the chain checker sticks upright at the 0.75% end.

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We are reader-supported. As an Amazon Associate, E-bike Lovers earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more.

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