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The Dolas Defender 250: Reinventing the Three-Wheel E-Bike

Main Points

  • The Dolas Defender 250's innovative three-motor, three-wheel design positions it as a unique and specialized option in the e-bike market, particularly suited for challenging terrains and heavy-duty applications.
  • The e-bike's significant weight and large battery capacity raise questions about the practicality of its operational and maintenance costs, as well as the potential overestimation of its maximum range, which might be affected by its substantial weight and triple motor configuration.
  • The lack of detailed information about critical components like brakes, battery, and suspension makes it difficult to fully assess the e-bike's safety and reliability, although its German manufacturing heritage suggests a certain level of quality assurance.


The German Dolas Defender 250 e-bike is a specialty product, characterized by its unique features and innovative design, which sets it apart from standard e-bikes in the market. Its three-motor, three-wheel setup is particularly notable, marking a departure from conventional e-bike designs.

Image credit: Dolas. The Dolas Defender 250 Reinventing the Three-Wheel E-Bike

The design of the Dolas Defender 250 e-bike presents a novel concept that we at E-bike Lovers have not encountered before. This uniqueness has piqued our interest, leading to this brief independent introduction of the e-bike.

Innovation and Uncertainty

Its pioneering three-wheel, three-motor system is central to the Defender 250's appeal. Each 250W high-torque brushless motor, one in the rear, the middle, and the front, promises enhanced power, especially suitable for challenging terrains and heavy-duty applications which positions the e-bike as an option for specific markets such as delivery and transport services.

As with any innovative product, there is a degree of uncertainty about how well the e-bike will perform and whether it will fully meet the demands and expectations of its users. Each new design brings potential advantages and possible challenges that may only become evident through practical use.

A Heavy E-bike

The e-bike is very heavy: 172 pounds or 78 KG, and charging the large battery takes 5-7 hours. While Dolas asserts that the e-bike can achieve a maximum range of up to 180 kilometers or 112 miles, a closer examination suggests a need for caution with these claims.

According to E-bike Lovers' 20-rule, the 2,544 Wh battery could theoretically support a range of 127 miles. However, considering the e-bike's substantial weight, fat tires, and triple motor configuration, the manufacturer's maximum range estimate might be optimistic (E-bike Lovers’ 20-rule is designed to estimate the range of two-wheel, one-motor e-bikes).

The practicality of maintaining and operating the Defender 250 is a point of consideration. The intricacy of its three-motor system and large battery replacement may lead to higher operational costs. The bike’s increased power demand, a consequence of the triple motor configuration, may not align with the energy efficiency expectations of some users, potentially reducing its range efficiency and increasing charging times.

Missing Component Information

At E-Bike Lovers, we emphasize the importance of safety, reliability, and the quality of components when purchasing an e-bike. Regardless of price, a good e-bike is a bicycle that is safe and reliable. With over 160 American manufacturers and thousands worldwide, the range of e-bikes varies, each serving different purposes like cargo transport, commuting or high-speed road biking.

Most e-bike models, despite having unique designs, often share standard components sourced from a few major manufacturers. The reliance on reliable component producers is crucial to avoid product recalls, lawsuits, and poor customer experiences, which are particularly costly for reputable brands.

Higher-priced e-bike brands usually disclose the brands of their components, which is less common in lower-priced models. This transparency aids in assessing the safety profile of the e-bike’s components.

The limited information about the origins of critical components of the Dolas Defender 250 e-bike, like the e-bike’s brakes, battery, and suspension, makes it a challenge to fully assess the e-bike's compliance with safety standards and long-term reliability.

However, the bike's German manufacturing heritage may instill confidence in its build quality. Known for stringent quality control and adherence to EU standards (EN 15194), German engineering suggests a level of reliability and durability that potential buyers may find reassuring.


The Dolas Defender 250 e-bike is an intriguing new player in the e-bike sector. While its innovative design points towards specific market segments, the practical implications of its maintenance, operation, and efficiency await validation.

Its operational and commercial success hinges on balancing its novel features with applicability and user satisfaction. The e-bike's actual value in the market will be determined by its performance in real-world conditions.

Introduction price: €4.650,00, incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping.

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