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Implementing Effective Homeowners Association (HOA) and Condominium E-Bike Policies

Main Points

  • With the rising popularity of e-bikes, there's an increasing need for comprehensive e-bike policies in HOA and condominium settings to ensure community safety and harmony while supporting sustainable transportation choices.
  • E-bike Lovers offers a model policy and talking points with key elements like safety standards, storage, and charging solutions, adaptable to different communities, accompanied by talking points to aid in constructive policy discussions among residents and management.
  • The proposed policy outlines specific guidelines for e-bike eligibility, operations, storage, safety, liability, community engagement, and compliance, aiming to balance the benefits of e-bike usage with the responsibility and safety of the condominium community.


The surge in popularity of electric bicycles (e-bikes) has brought about a unique set of challenges and opportunities for condominium communities. As more residents turn to these eco-friendly and efficient modes of transportation, the need for clear, comprehensive e-bike policies within Homeowners Association (HOA) and condominium settings has become increasingly apparent. These policies ensure the safety and harmony of the community and embrace the progressive shift towards sustainable living.

Model HOA and Condominium E-bike Policy and Talking Points

E-bike Lovers recognizes that the process can be daunting, given the variety of factors to consider – from safety standards and storage facilities to charging protocols and liability issues. To assist in this endeavor, we have prepared a free model policy complete with talking points, offering a solid foundation for condominium boards and residents to develop a responsible, e-bike-friendly approach tailored to their needs.

Our guidelines are based on the FDNY guidelines and CA SB712 that sets out conditions for the tenants' rights to store an e-bike and e-bikes' storage requirements, including compliance with safety standards for electrically powered bicycles, and the provision of secure, long-term storage by the landlord.

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E-bike Lovers’ model policy addresses the key elements essential for a successful e-bike policy: it outlines safety and quality standards for e-bikes, suggests practical solutions for storage and charging, and highlights the importance of community engagement and compliance.

It is designed to be adaptable, allowing for customization based on different condominium communities' unique characteristics and requirements. The talking points are crafted to facilitate constructive discussions, helping to bridge any gaps in understanding and expectations among residents and management.

Download the Homeowners Association (HOA) and condominium policy (Word, PDF) and talking points (Word, PDF).

HOA and Condominium E-bike Policy

Dear Residents of [Building Name],

We are excited to introduce our new E-Bike Policy, designed to embrace the growing popularity of electric bicycles (e-bikes) as a sustainable and health-promoting mode of transportation. Recognizing the benefits e-bikes offer regarding environmental friendliness and personal well-being, we have developed a comprehensive policy to support and regulate the use of e-bikes within our community.

Our goal is to create a harmonious balance. We want to ensure that all residents enjoy the convenience and joy of e-biking while maintaining the highest standards of safety, respect, and consideration for everyone in our [Building Name] community. This policy outlines guidelines and measures, reflecting our commitment to a safe, organized, and eco-friendly living environment.

We encourage all residents to read through this policy, understand its provisions, and join us in making [Building Name] a model community that values sustainability, health, and mutual respect. We are always open to your feedback and suggestions, as we believe in continuously evolving to meet the needs of our dynamic community.

Thank you for your cooperation and enthusiasm as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]


[Building Name] Management Team

Purpose and Scope

This policy facilitates the use of electric bicycles (e-bikes) by residents of [Building Name]. It acknowledges the benefits of e-bikes as an eco-friendly and health-promoting transportation method while ensuring safety, order, and respect within our community.

E-Bike Eligibility – UL Certification

E-bike Operations

Residents operating e-bikes on our premises will always:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging and storage.
  • Use the correct battery, cord, and power adapter.
  • Plug directly into a wall electrical outlet for charging.
  • Keep batteries and devices at room temperature.
  • Store and/or charge batteries away from anything flammable.
  • Keep away from heat sources.
  • Bring unused batteries to Battery Recycling Centers, and not store obsolete batteries on our premises.
  • Regularly maintain the e-bike and have the e-bike inspected by a bicycle shop annually.

Residents operating e-bikes on our premises never:

  • Use aftermarket (or generic) batteries or chargers.
  • Plug into a power strip or overload an outlet when charging an e-bike.
  • Overcharge or leave battery charging overnight.
  • Charge a battery or device under a pillow, on a bed, or near a couch.
  • Leave e-bikes unattended while charging.
  • Block a primary way in or out of a room/space.
  • Place batteries in the trash or recycling bin.
  • Alter the electric system and batteries of the e-bike.

Storage and Charging Facilities (optional)

  • A secure, designated outdoor storage and charging facility will be provided.
  • The facility will include energy-efficient charging stations, possibly powered by solar energy.

Safety and Usage Guidelines

  • E-bikes must be ridden responsibly and courteously within building premises.
  • Strict adherence to applicable laws and speed limits regarding e-bike use is required.
  • Safety gear use, including helmets and lights, is strongly encouraged.

Liability and Insurance

  • E-bike owners must have personal liability insurance (homeowners insurance) covering potential damages or injuries.
  • The building management is not liable for theft, damage, or loss of e-bikes.

Community Engagement

  • Resident feedback on the e-bike policy and facilities is encouraged.
  • The policy will be periodically reviewed and updated.

Environmental and Health Promotion

  • Residents are encouraged to use e-bikes, meeting our standards, as a sustainable mode of transport.

Compliance and Enforcement

  • Non-compliance will result in warnings and potential penalties.

Policy Amendments

  • The policy may be amended to reflect technological advancements and community needs.
  • All amendments will be promptly communicated to residents.
  • This policy, effective from [Effective Date], applies to all residents and visitors of [Building Name]. Compliance is mandatory for all e-bike users within the premises.

Homeowners Association (HOA) and Condominium E-bike Policy – Talking Points

Policy: As we navigate the evolving urban transportation landscape, the emergence of electric bicycles (e-bikes) presents opportunities and challenges. In the context of our condominium community, it's crucial to distinguish between the varying qualities of e-bikes available in the market. I want to present a comprehensive argument to allow premium e-bikes within our community, addressing several vital aspects that collectively highlight their value and benefits.

I acknowledge the legitimate safety concerns that have arisen due to the presence of low-quality e-bikes in the market. The increasing incidents related to these inferior models, particularly those involving battery malfunctions cannot and should not be ignored. As a community member and an advocate for responsible e-bike usage, I understand and share these concerns.

I am in favor of implementing a comprehensive e-bike policy. This policy would address the immediate safety issues and set a standard for responsible and sustainable e-bike use within our community. A well-crafted policy differentiates between high-quality, safe e-bikes and those that pose risks, ensuring that our community's safety and quality of life are not compromised.

I am eager to work with the condominium management and fellow residents to develop and implement this policy, ensuring that it reflects our shared commitment to safety, sustainability, and community well-being.

Safety Record: Emphasize the superior safety profile of your e-bike as it is manufactured by a leading reputable manufacturer with a proven safety record. Even better, the e-bike has UL or EN 15194 certification, the European Standard for electrically powered assisted cycles. See and

Quality and Reliability: Stress the difference in quality between premium e-bikes and lower-quality ones. Premium e-bikes have better build quality, more reliable components, and longer lifespans. This reduces the risk of breakdowns or accidents associated with cheaper models.

Environmental Benefits: Point out the eco-friendliness of using e-bikes. They offer a green transportation alternative, reducing reliance on cars, requiring fewer parking spaces, and helping to lower the condominium’s overall carbon footprint.

Health Benefits: Mention the health benefits of e-biking. It promotes physical activity and can be part of a healthy lifestyle, benefiting the individual rider and the community.

Noise and Traffic Reduction: E-bikes are quieter than cars and can help reduce traffic congestion within the condominium area. This contributes to a more peaceful and harmonious living environment.

Regulation and Responsibility: Offer to support regulations that differentiate between high-quality and low-quality e-bikes. This could include rules about speed limits, parking areas, and maintenance standards.

Personal Testimony: Share personal experiences about how the e-bike has positively impacted your life, such as improved mobility, convenience, or cost savings.

Economic Value: Highlight the economic benefits. Premium e-bikes can be a significant personal investment, reflecting a resident’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

Community Image: Argue that allowing premium e-bikes can enhance the image of the condominium as a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious, and health-oriented community.

Legal Perspective: If applicable, mention any legal perspectives or rights regarding personal transportation devices within residential areas. Refer to CA SB712, which gives a tenant the legal right to store an e-bike in their dwelling unit.

By presenting these arguments, you can make a strong case for allowing premium e-bikes in your condominium, distinguishing them from lower-quality models that may pose safety risks.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided by E-Bike Lovers, including the model condominium e-bike policy and talking points, is for general informational purposes and should not be considered as legal advice. E-Bike Lovers is not a legal firm, and the content provided may not cover all aspects of law relevant to your specific situation. It is always recommended to seek advice from qualified legal counsel to ensure that any policy or action taken is compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Legal requirements can vary greatly by region and circumstance, and only a licensed attorney can provide legal advice tailored to your situation.

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Please feel free to share your experiences with our model e-bike policy in your condominium. We are eager to hear about your journey, the challenges you faced, and the successes you have achieved.

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