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Posted by E-bike Lovers on December 18, 2023 - Latest revision January 5, 2024  Reading time: minutes remaining

Navigating the Maze of E-Bike Range Claims: Separating Fact from Fiction with E-bike Lovers

Main Points

  • The actual range of e-bikes is influenced by several factors including rider weight, terrain, weather, and level of pedal assistance.
  • The Bosch eBike Range Calculator is a useful tool for providing realistic estimates of e-bike range, particularly for e-bikes with Bosch mid-drive motors.
  • E-bike Lovers' conservative "20 Rule" formula offers a simple, user-friendly method to estimate e-bike range.


The concept of range in e-bikes is complex and influenced by many factors. While advancements are ongoing, we are yet to see the commercial implementation of high-energy-density solutions like solid-state batteries, which promise significantly improved ranges.

The range of claims touted by some manufacturers borders on the implausible, failing to account for the variables that impact an e-bike's performance. Factors such as rider weight, terrain type, weather conditions, and the level of pedal assistance used play a critical role in determining how far your e-bike can go on a single charge.

A Tool for Realistic Estimates

An exciting tool for estimating e-bike range is the Bosch eBike Range Calculator. This interactive tool allows users to input various factors such as rider weight, riding style, terrain, and more, to provide a more accurate estimate of the e-bike's range under different conditions.

A screenshot of the bosch e-bike motor range calculator

A screenshot of the Bosch e-bike motor range calculator cleverly displays the estimated range of motors and batteries.

The Bosch eBike Range Calculator is specifically designed for e-bikes equipped with efficient Bosch mid-drive motors but also offers valuable insights for riders of e-bikes equipped with different motor brands and types. If your e-bike doesn't have a Bosch system, be prepared for lower efficiency and shorter e-bike ranges.

The E-bike Lovers' Range Estimation Formula

Based on our extensive experience gained from years of cycling across various types of e-bikes, we have developed a straightforward, user-friendly, conservative formula to estimate an e-bike's range regardless of brand and configuration. While we acknowledge that this method isn't scientifically precise, it offers a realistic general approximation for e-bikes’ range. The calculation is as follows:

Battery Watt-Hours Divided by 20 = Range

Let's consider an e-bike with a 400 Wh battery regardless of brand and e-bike configuration. According to our formula, you calculate the range by dividing the battery’s watt-hours by 20. So, for a 400 Wh battery, the calculation would be:

400 Wh / 20 = 20 miles range

This result gives you an estimated conservative range of 20 miles for an e-bike with a 400 Wh battery when you sparsely use a throttle, if the e-bike has one.

While our formula offers a quick estimate, it's important to remember that actual e-bike ranges vary significantly based on several factors:

  • Riding Conditions: Hilly terrain, headwinds, and rough surfaces can reduce range.
  • Rider Input: More aggressive riding or higher levels of pedal assist drain the battery faster.
  • Battery Health: Older batteries may not hold a charge as well as new ones, affecting range.
  • E-bike Specifications: Different e-bike models and motors impact efficiency. Very few brands can compete with Bosch’s efficiency. Hub drive motors are less efficient than mid-drive motors. Derailleurs are more efficient than hub gearbox systems.

Conclusion: The conservative “20 Rule” for e-bike range

The range of an e-bike is a complex interplay of battery capacity, bike design, and riding conditions. While the Wh rating of an e-bike battery provides an understanding of potential range, real-world performance hinges on how these factors interact during your rides.

Maintaining a healthy level of skepticism will help you make more informed decisions about purchasing and using an e-bike. Remember, if a claim about the e-bike’s range sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

And, when in doubt, buying a second battery solves many issues.

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