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Did you know? AAA Roadside Assistance Service Tows E-Bikes

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has long been a trusted name in the automotive world, offering services that range from roadside assistance to travel planning. With the increasing popularity of cycling, AAA has expanded its scope to include e-bike towing as part of its standard service offerings.

This innovative move is a nod to the changing dynamics of urban mobility and a significant milestone for e-cyclists who may find themselves stranded due to mechanical issues.

What is AAA’s Bicycle Towing Service?

Just like its service for automobiles, AAA's bicycle towing service provides members with emergency roadside assistance. AAA will rescue you if you have a flat tire, broken chain, or other problem. You can dispatch a tow truck to your location to pick you up and your bicycle with a simple call. The service typically offers transportation to a location of your choice, like a bike shop within a specified radius.

Inclusive Urban Mobility

By including bicycles in their service offerings, AAA acknowledges e-bikes' role in modern urban mobility. With the security of roadside assistance, more people may be encouraged to take up e-cycling, whether for fitness, leisure or as a sustainable mode of transportation.

An AAA truck with an operator placing an e-bike on the trick for towing.

AAA came to the rescue during one of E-bike Lovers' events.


The decision by AAA to include bicycle towing reflects broader changes in transportation in the United States. As cities become more congested and the push for sustainable living grows stronger, e-bicycles are increasingly being seen as recreational vehicles and essential modes of transportation.

Services like AAA legitimize cycling and e-biking as viable means of getting around, placing it on equal footing with automobiles.

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