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Posted by E-bike Lovers on March 22, 2023 - Latest revision March 23, 2023  Reading time: minutes remaining

Review: Acer’s AI-Driven Electric Bicycle: A Game Changer in Urban Mobility or Gadget?

Acer, a renowned computer manufacturer, has entered the world of electric bicycles, a surprising move that has intrigued many. As an established player in the computer industry, Acer's entry into the e-bike market raises a few eyebrows and poses several questions.

What can we expect from a company that has built its reputation with computers, and how will its expertise translate into the e-bike market? Let's delve into the features of Acer's new class 1 e-bike, known as "ebii," and explore what sets it apart from other e-bikes in the market.

Image courtesy: Acer.

UL2271 Certification: Safety and Confidence

One of the key features of the ebii is its UL2271 certified battery. UL2271 certification is a set of safety standards developed by Underwriters Laboratories, specifically for lithium-ion battery packs used in light electric vehicles like e-bikes. 

This certification means the ebii's battery pack has undergone rigorous testing to meet high safety and performance standards. As a result, riders can trust that the battery pack is less likely to pose risks such as overheating, short-circuiting, or catching fire, making the ebii a reliable and secure choice.

Belt Drive: Smooth, Low-Maintenance Riding Experience

The ebii has a belt drive system, which sets it apart from traditional chain-driven e-bikes. Belt drives require less maintenance, are rust-resistant, and don't need lubrication. Riders can say goodbye to the mess of greasy chains and the task of regular cleaning. Belt drives are also known for their quiet and smooth operation, ensuring a more enjoyable and comfortable riding experience.

Note the rounded brake levers. This is a safety measure to avoid injury with a sharp brake lever during an accident. The pedals have anti-slip pins and reflectors. The e-bike also has hydraulic brakes. The safety features suggest Acer's interest in entering the European e-bike market. The absence of fenders makes this bike impractical for urban mobility. Riders will be covered by dirt quickly. Image courtesy: Acer.

AI Capabilities: Smart and Personalized Riding

Acer has integrated AI capabilities into the ebii, but the exact details of what this entails are unclear. The ebii's smart AI features are designed to make riding a breeze. According to Acer, it adapts to your style and preferences for the most optimal and personalized journey. The AI-driven ebii adapts to the rider's pedaling power, riding conditions, and preferred level of assistance, learning over time for a more personalized experience.

Motor Manufacturer: An Unanswered Question

While Acer has provided plenty of information about the ebii's features, the company has not disclosed the manufacturer of the motor. A quality motor is essential for an e-bike's performance and reliability.

Well-known motor brands like Bosch, Brose, and Shimano have built a solid reputation for their powerful and efficient motors. However, the UL2271 battery certification provided by Acer provides assurance about the overall quality and safety of the ebii, even though the motor manufacturer remains undisclosed.

Design, Convenience, and Safety: Features for Modern Urban Riders

“The all-new Acer ebii delivers on our commitment to sustainability via technology and creative design, further driven by the desire to enhance user’s mobility and experiences,” said Jerry Kao, Co-COO, Acer Inc. “As urban commuters search for convenient, safe, and greener options, the Acer ebii’s AI assistance and innovative safety features empower them to go further, faster.”

The fast-charging battery has gone through rigorous testing and certification approvals to ensure maximum reliability and security. Riders can easily remove the battery pack which can function as a portable charger for other devices. Image courtesy: Acer. 

The ebii is designed with the modern urban rider in mind, with a sleek and minimalistic design that allows riders to navigate city streets in style. Convenience is also a key focus, with features like flat-free tires, auto-lock systems, and fast-charging batteries.

Safety is prioritized through surround lighting, collision detection, UL certification, and GPS positioning.

The ebiiGO App: Transforming Urban Exploration

The ebii is accompanied by the ebiiGO mobile app. It provides riders with all the information they need during their urban exploration, including recommended routes, battery life, riding speed, and auto-lock settings.

According to Acer, the app also offers real-time data and stores it for future optimization, ensuring a continuously improving riding experience.


Acer's entrance into the e-bike market with the AI-driven ebii is an exciting development that promises to transform urban mobility regardless of design, functionality, or gadget levels. With its UL2271 certified battery, belt drive system, AI capabilities, and focus on design, convenience, and safety, the ebii has the potential to impact the e-bike market.

Although there are still some unanswered questions, such as the identity of the motor manufacturer, the overall package Acer offers with the ebii is an option for city dwellers seeking innovative designs.

Image courtesy: Acer.

As more people turn to e-bikes for their daily commutes and urban exploration, Acer's bold move into this market shows that even companies outside the automotive, motor, and cycling industries can contribute to sustainable transportation solutions.

As the e-bike industry continues to grow and evolve, it will be fascinating to see how Acer and other tech companies leverage their expertise to create innovative, user-friendly e-bikes that cater to the needs of modern urban riders. The electric transportation future looks bright, and the ebii is just the beginning.

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