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Posted by E-bike Lovers on March 9, 2023 - Latest revision April 7, 2023  Reading time: minutes remaining

A Chain as Durable as a Belt Drive – Meet the Enduo Drive Train System That Cannot Rust

The Netherlands is known for its strong cycling culture, with e-biking being a popular mode of transportation for leisure and commuting. Cycling is an integral part of Dutch life, and the country has invested heavily in infrastructure and policies to support cycling as a safe and efficient means of transportation.

So, it is no surprise that the Dutch are at the forefront of cycling innovation.

The Dutch Bicycle Awards

Organized by the RAI Association, the Dutch Bicycle Awards are a powerful catalyst for driving innovation in the bicycle industry and bringing together the best and brightest minds to uncover new, trailblazing bicycles, accessories, and applications. It's worth paying attention when the Dutch discover groundbreaking e-bike technology.

Enduo Drive Train

This year's winner is the Enduo Drive Train by New Motion Labs from the UK. This new system is designed for e-bikes to last longer than regular chains, requires almost no maintenance, and cannot rust. It is made with CNC precision and compatible with Rohloff, Enviolo, and other popular hubs. A derailleur-friendly setup is currently in development.

We recently tested the durability of a belt drive with a Rohloff hub during E-bike Lovers' cross-country e-bike tour in the United States. The belt drive performed exceptionally well despite testing road conditions. The belt broke after 6,592 miles (10,608 km). Enduo claims that their chains have a compatible lifetime, a remarkable achievement.

E-bike Chains

The startup produces separate chains for touring and cargo e-bikes with its "revolutionary patented Enduo™ Sprocket Technology"

Enduo™ Cargo Package

  • 15,000 km+ - 9,320+ miles chain lifetime
  • Suitable for Cargo / E-bikes up to 500-watt motors
  • Designed for heavy loads up to 500 kg
  • Industrial 06B-1 chain

Enduo™ Ride

  • 10,000 km+ 6,213+ miles chain lifetime
  • Suitable for all E-bikes with 250-watt motors
  • Designed for medium loads up to 150 kg
  • Standard E-bike chain


This new e-bike drive train technology has generated a lot of excitement. While we have not seen the technology in action in the US yet, there is a growing anticipation among e-bike enthusiasts to get their hands on this promising solution, especially the cargo package which could potentially revolutionize long-distance e-cycling.

As the e-bike market continues to expand and evolve, it will be interesting to see how this innovative technology will be received and adopted by manufacturers. E-bike Lovers will keep an eye on the developments.

For more information: www.newmotionlabs.com/enduo-ride/

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