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Posted by E-bike Lovers on February 25, 2023 - Latest revision April 7, 2023  Reading time: minutes remaining

Revolutionize Your E-Bike Charging with Dero’s New Line of Charging Racks

Electric bicycles are a fantastic way to travel, combining the benefits of cycling with the ease and convenience of electric power. And for those who love to use e-bikes as often as possible, access to a reliable charging station is essential. That's why Dero's new line of e-bike charging racks is such a game-changer. 

Dero is proud to introduce a new line of e-bike charging racks. Image via www.dero.com

With the rise in e-bike usage, more and more e-cyclists are looking for places to charge their bikes. And while many businesses, schools, and housing units now have bike rooms, not all have charging capabilities. That's where Dero's e-bike charging racks come in. 

These patent-pending racks offer a cost-effective solution for facilities that want to (and should) add adequate bike parking and e-bike charging capabilities to their indoor bike rooms.

Dero's e-bike charging rack line features four styles with outlets on both sides. Each rack can lock and charge two e-bikes at once.

Larry Brown, Dero's Director of Sales

We are excited to support electric bike commuters with our new e-bike charging rack line . . . Not only do the e-bike racks complement our existing product line, they represent Dero's ongoing commitment to innovate in support of cyclists.

E-bike Lovers' Conclusion

If you're an electric bike owner tired of searching for a reliable charging station in your building, it's time to act. Let your area's businesses, schools, and housing units know about new e-bike charging rack options.

By advocating for e-bike charging racks, you can help make it easier for other e-bike owners in your community to keep their bikes charged and ready to ride. It's time to revolutionize how we charge our e-bikes and make the most of this fantastic form of transportation.

We have no affiliation with Dero but we give them much e-bike love for developing a much-needed product in support of the e-bike community.

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