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No Longer Available: Pre-owned Custom Electric Cruiser Bike By Spark Cycleworks

Model: 2022 

Class 2: Up to 20 mph assist

First owner, outstanding service record, ownership verified, in very good condition, low mileage.

This fully custom electric cruiser bike built by Spark Cycleworks is a rare 1 of 1. It's literally the only one of its kind and features a Washington, DC themed wrap!

This is an e-bike manufactured by Spark Cycleworks.

Spark Cycleworks

Spark Cycleworks has been designing and building innovative electric vehicles since 2018. Our Bandit moped was the first electric motor driven cycle to be registrable in the USA. Our line-up of other bikes supply customers with a great entry point into the industry.  Most importantly, our small team is focused on supplying the best customer support in the industry.


  • 26″ Fat Tires and Cable Disk Brakes
  • ️750W Motor with Removable 48V Battery
  • ️7 Speed Derailleur
  • Easily goes 20- 25mph
  • 30+ Mile Range
  • ️LED Headlight and LED frame!
  • Less than 200 miles on the bike.
  • Fenders


This is a great e-bike for commuting. The e-bike has a perfect service record and is available in Washington DC.

Interested in this E-bike?

This e-bike is no longer avialble

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