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Review: It Is Time to Make Some Beautiful E-bike Noise With the Suzu Brushed Copper Bell

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Most new e-bikes are delivered with a tiny bell or electric horn to satisfy legal requirements. Even high-end e-bikes often come with an inferior bell.

A good bell is essential for your safety and that of others. A practical bell warns others without upsetting and shocking other trail users with poorly designed sounds. 

Meet the SUZU Brushed Copper Bell. It is a beautiful retro, vintage premium bicycle bell with a curved lever striker that fits all e-bikes. It ticks all boxes of an effective, visually pleasing warning device that makes people happily comply with your request for an unobstructed passage on the trail. 

We have tested the SUZU Brushed Copper Bell for over 2,500 miles. It is possibly the best bell available on the market.

Sound Design and Safety

A bell should produce a sound that people recognize as a bicycle bell. Horns are often not associated with a bicycle. Horns confuse other trail users and are associated with aggressive behavior. 

Imagine walking on a nature trail, and an e-bike unexpectedly blows a horn at 100 decibels in proximity. It is not cool and counterproductive. A good bicycle bell needs to be loud enough to warn others but ideally should not produce more than 70 decibels to be most effective.

An Excellent Addition to Your E-bike

At E-bike Lovers, we see many bicycle bells and horns that come standard with an e-bike, and most are unbearably ineffective, cheap, and a disgrace to sound engineering standards and perhaps humanity. Often, plastic mounts and hammers make things worse. 

Crane Bell Co. knows that the pleasantness of the ring should come second to safety and loudness, but they successfully choose to make both a priority. We love the bell so much that we use it for cross-country e-bike rides. 


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  • BEAUTIFUL RESONANT SOUND: The brass alloy dome-shaped bell produces a bright and pleasant ring. The ring of a brass bell resonates longer than other materials such as steel.
  • EASY INSTALLATION FOR MOST E-BIKE HANDLEBARS: The bells install easily with a Phillips screwdriver, something you can easily do yourself. The Suzu’s steel band mount fit diameters from 22.2 to 26 mm.
  • BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE DESIGN: The bell looks elegant and smart on all e-bikes.
  • NON - This a quality bicycle bell and possibly the best money can buy.

Crane Bell Co. brings beautiful Japanese craftsmanship to your e-bike! The bicycle bells are unique for bikers who appreciate aesthetics, quality, reliability, and affordability.

We give the bell 5 stars for price and 5 stars for design. E-bike Lovers love the bell. Get your bell on Amazon.

See the bicycle bell “in action” during our next biking event.

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We are reader-supported. As an Amazon Associate, E-bike Lovers earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more.

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