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Review: Fixing a Flat Tire Has Never Been Easier: Meet Gup Industries’ Kwiki Inflator & Sealant (GÜP Kwiki)

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Getting a flat tire is never much fun, especially when e-biking in a group. It is a bummer to have a flat tire. Holding up a group of twenty e-bikers for 15-20 minutes while figuring out what to do is even worse.

A canister of tire sealant and CO2 Kwiki Inflator & Sealant (GUP Kwiki) by GUP Industries

Changing or patching an innertube of an e-bike can be challenging. E-bikes have controls and a display on the handlebar, making it unwise to turn the bike upside down to attend to the tire.

You can try to hang the bike from a tree to elevate the tire, but we had mixed success with this strategy (see the video below by Propel Bikes on hanging an e-bike in a tree with military precision).

We use the Kwiki Inflator & Sealant (GÜP Kwiki) during E-bike Lovers' group rides. Once you know this handy sealant exists, you want to take one on each e-bike ride.

Belt Drives and Rear Hub Motors Complicate Matters

As more e-bikes enter the market with belt drive systems, changing an innertube can be surprisingly complicated as the belt's tensioners may need to be readjusted after the wheel is removed from the frame.

Changing or patching an innertube of an e-bike with a rear hub motor is no fun either.

Tubeless Tires and Rims

Many e-bikers do not know the difference between tubeless tires and those with an innertube. After they finally have figured out how to remove the tire from the rim, they cannot find an innertube to fix or replace as the tire is tubeless.

To make matters even worse, removing a tire from the rim of e-bikes is not easy as the tires are often wider and stiff. Cold weather adds to the frustration as the rubber of the tire is even stiffer. The list of complicating factors patching or replacing an innertube on e-bikes goes on and on.

The Solution is Remarkably Simple and User-Friendly

At E-bike Lovers, we always look for a professional, quick, reliable, and secure solution to fix flat tires during our group rides. Although we are well equipped to handle most flat tire scenarios, it usually takes too much time to fix a flat by changing or patching an innertube.

A canister of tire sealant and CO2 Kwiki Inflator & Sealant (GUP Kwiki) by GUP Industries

The Kwiki Inflator & Sealant

The  Kwiki Inflator & Sealant (GÜP Kwiki) is a handy 125 ml cartridge equipped with both a sealant to fix and CO2 to inflate the tire. It typically takes our volunteers less than five minutes to repair the tire with GÜP Kwiki, with most time spent on removing glass, metal, and other debris from the tire.

See the video above for a dramatic, self-inflicted "tire puncture" and the GÜP Kwiki sealant in action.

Please note that the video shows an older version of the canister.

The new canister is shown in our images and the video below.

GÜP Kwiki can seal and inflate a full 29-inch e-bike tire and has a Presta and Schrader compatible valve. In just a few minutes, you are on the road again. We always have a GÜP Kwiki in our toolkit, and the sealant never disappoints. 

E-bikers fixing a flat tire E-bike Lovers in action using the Kwiki Inflator & Sealant (GUP Kwiki)


e-bike love Guarantee

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  • FAST - In less than five minutes, you can be riding again.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE - You may not need to buy a new innertube and visit the bike shop, saving money.
  • EASY TO USE - No special skills, experience fixing flat tires, and tools are required.
  • WEATHER INDEPENDENT - Works in all weather conditions.
  • COMPATIBLE - Presta and Schrader valve compatible.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - The sealant is latex-based and non-toxic. You can touch it with your fingers. Just don't eat it.
  • BACKUP PLAN - GÜP is the ultimate backup plan for cyclists and E-bikers all over the world.
  • NOT SHAVING CREAM - The foam cannot be used as shaving cream. Don't even try.

We give it 5 stars for price and 5 stars for design. E-bike Lovers love the sealant. Get your Kwiki Inflator & Sealant (GÜP Kwiki) on Amazon.


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