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Trail 2 – Maryland: E-biking From Veirs Mill to Lake Needwood via Meadowside Nature Center

Another building at the pioneer homestead ebike lovers

A building on display in the Pioneer Homestead.

E-bike into the History of Early Settlement in Maryland

E-bike back into history with a visit to Meadowside Nature Center and enjoy views of Lake Frank and Lake Needwood in Rock Creek Regional Park. The trail is around 17 miles and includes a half-mile excursion on foot to the Pioneer Homestead at Meadowside Nature Center.

This trail has four viewpoints. Use Google Maps or other app to navigate to each viewpoint. Click on Send to Device in the left top corner of the map (see below) to upload the trail to a smartphone.

Viewpoint 1: Veirs Mill Local Park

4425 Garrett Park Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20906

This small park is the starting point of the trail. It features a playground, lighted tennis courts, and a multi-use field. The parking lot's brick building is the Veirs Mill Park Activity Building, which is available to rent for a modest fee. 

Veirs Mill local park sign with the recreation building e-bike lovers

Viewpoint 2: Lake Frank

15211 Avery Rd, Rockville, MD 20855

From Veirs Mill Park, the trail follows Rock Creek to Lake Frank. The lake is a human-made 54-acre reservoir for watershed protection, floodwater retention, sediment control, and recreation. Construction took two years. 

Lake Frank seen from the dam E-bike Lovers

Viewpoint 3: Meadowside Nature Center

5100 Meadowside Ln, Rockville, MD 20855

From Lake Frank, the trail leads to the Meadowside Nature Center. Opened in 1972, the small but vibrant nature center is best known for its birding and eight miles of hiking trails that connect with Lake Frank.

Small living quarters in the pioneer homestead

Just a half-mile walk from the Nature Center is a Pioneer Homestead portraying a small family farm after the Civil War. On display are two log cabins, a smokehouse, a corn crib, gardens, and an orchard. Biking is not allowed on the trail to the Pioneer Homestead.

Other attractions include a Pioneer Homestead and the Raptor Walkway with permanently injured, non-releasable birds of prey (raptors), including resident owls, hawks, vultures, and an American bald eagle.

Old wagon wheels on display at the pioneer homestead e-bike lovers

Viewpoint 4: Lake Needwood

Rock Creek Regional Park, 15700 Needwood Lake Cir, Derwood, MD 20855

The 75-acre Lake Needwood is the midway point of the trail. Constructed in 1965, the lake is popular for its picnic stations, golf course, canopy tour, rental kayaks, rowboats, canoes, and pedal boats. As with Lake Frank, Lake Needwood is designed for watershed protection, floodwater retention, sediment control, and recreation.

A view of Lake Needwood seen from the pavilion e-bike lovers

The lake was devastated by a massive flood in June 2006, with water levels 22 feet above normal. Authorities evacuated more than 2,000 residents as the dam's base was leaking.

The pavilion with beautiful views of the lake near the boathouse is an excellent stop for a sandwich break before heading back to Veirs Mill on the Rock Creek Trail to complete the trail.

Did You Know?

Maryland does not have any natural lakes

Although Maryland once had a 160-acre, shallow periglacial lake, dating 19,000 - 14,000 years ago, all lakes in the state are nowadays human-made for water consumption (reservoirs), flood control and recreation.

A view of Lake Needwood seen from the pavilion e-bike lovers with walkers

Trail Characteristics

A summary of trail characteristics

Gravel Paths
Flat Terrain
Asphalt Roads
Comfort Station Score 100%

Comfort stations are available at Veirs Mills in the beginning and the nature center and Lake Needwood halfway along the trail.

Which E-bikes Are Allowed on this Route?*


class I e-bike



Rock Creek Park Trail

Other Roads - Asphalt

What Members Say About this Trail

Below is a summary of the pros and sometimes cons of this trail

Pros of the Trail

  • Great views of two human-made lakes in Montgomery County
  • Visit a lesser-known but vibrant nature center with a Pioneer Homestead on display and a raptor center
  • Car parking at Veirs Mill
  • Great biking trail through the woods of Rock Creek Park
  • Picnic tables and restrooms are available at Veirs Mill, Lake Needwood and the Nature Center

Cons of the Trail

  • The section between Veirs Mill Rd and Baltimore Rd is in poor condition with many tree roots making the path bumpy.


E-Biking on Rock Creek Park Trail from Veirs Mill to the Meadowside Nature Center and two human-made lakes is a relaxing experience. Shielded from motorized traffic for most of the route, this easy trail is ideal for novice e-bikers and others who need an escape from city life and daily errands.


We are grateful to David Winer and Allan Starr for their suggestion to bike in this area. 

*Please see the disclaimer before e-biking and using our trails and GPS files. Trail requirements were compiled on 19 Jun 2024, They may be incorrect and may have changed.

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