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Book Review – E-Bike: A Guide to E-Bike Models, Technology & Riding Essentials

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Ebike-Models / Tech / Riding Essentials makes an excellent gift for anyone new to cycling and e-biking. Written by German e-bike expert, journalist, and photographer Martin Haussermann, the book gives a bird's eye overview of e-biking. 

It is not a buyer's guide. The book addresses models, motors, batteries, shopping tips, personalization, maintenance and battery care, riding skills, and the US's e-bike classification system.




Electric bikes open doors for riders young and old, of all physical abilities, from the heart of a big city to remote country roads

Martin is also co-founder of the German bicycle magazine Pressedienst Fahrrad ("Bike News"). It comes as no surprise that the book is German-centric with many Bosch and Riese & Muller's product placements (high-quality photography).

Other contributors include VeloNews tech editor Dan Cavallari, custom e-bike frame builder Lennard Zinn, cycling retail journalist Stephen Frothingham, and Morgan Lommele of PeopleForBikes in the US.

The book is beautifully designed with many full page photos of well-known, high-quality German brands. The format is that of a magazine. Do not expect a traditional book format.


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  • VALUE - An excellent gift for anyone entering the e-bike world and first-time e-bike riders.
  • DESIGN - Great photography and layout in full color.
  • ACCESSIBILITY - Easy to read and digest text.
  • PRICE - Inexpensive.
  • FOCUS  - The text focuses on high-quality e-biking components and brands that are beyond the reach of many, such as the Bosch ABS e-biking system.
  • Not a buyers' guide. It is a brief introduction to e-bikes.

We give it 4 stars for content and 5 stars for design. Get your Copy on Amazon.

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We are reader-supported. As an Amazon Associate, E-bike Lovers earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more.

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