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Review: This Seat Post Takes E-biking to a New Level of Comfort, Control, and Safety

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The Kinekt Suspension or Isolation Post E-bike uses metal springs that require no maintenance.

You may have heard of full-suspension E-bikes. The objective of full suspension is to fight fatigue and increase comfort by reducing shocks and vibration. You can lower the tires' pressure to absorb shocks, but this can only go so far.

We have tested the KINEKT isolation seat post for over 5,000 miles. It is an expensive seat post, but worth the money if you want the comfort of a full-suspension E-bike at a fraction of the cost of an E-bike with a full-suspension frame.

Full-Frame Suspension Frames Are Expensive

In addition to shock absorbers on the front fork, a full suspension system is built into the frame and is particularly popular for off-road E-mountain biking and high-end touring bikes.

The frame bends in the middle to absorb shocks and improve traction by keeping the wheels on the ground. This video from Propel Bikes provides a good overview of full suspension frames versus hardtail bikes.

Full suspension is expensive as the construction of the frame is more complex and costly. It can easily cost $1,000 extra.

An Affordable Suspension Seat Post Improves Riding Comfort

To bring more comfort to E-biking on a bike without full suspension built into the frame, we recommend a suspension seat post to improve the riding experience

A suspension seat post can bring the comfort of a full-suspension frame to an E-bike even without a fork suspension at a lower cost than a full-suspension factory-built frame.

The KINEKT Isolation Seat Post is a Good Choice

The KINEKT isolation seat post is a popular shock absorber among our members. It is designed to improve your comfort, control, and confidence. You will notice that you can sit on the saddle longer, and as a result, you will ride further, more often, and enjoy more miles.

A Suspension Seat Post is Most Likely all you Need

For most E-bike Lovers members, the KINEKT isolation seat post is sufficient to provide additional comfort to E-biking. The KINEKT seat post replaces the existing seat post, and installation is simple and affordable compared to a full-suspension E-bike.

If you want to go further, you can invest in stem vibration reduction. You can read more about this in our review of the Redshift Sports ShockStop Suspension Stem.

Biking with wide tires on low pressure also contributes to shock absorption. Read more about this here.

A Maintenance-Free Solution to Improve Comfort

We have tested the KINEKT seat post for over 5,000 miles and are confident that you will appreciate the post's quality. It significantly contributes to the comfort of E-biking.

If you are interested in the seat post, check it out during one of our biking events. See below an excellent review of the KINEKT isolation seat post by Propel Bikes.


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  • COMFORT - Provides relief from pain, saddle sores, or fatigue.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – You can easily replace the existing seat post with the Kinekt seat post.
  • ADJUSTABLE – The post can be quickly adjusted to the weight of the rider.
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE – The seat post does not need any maintenance, and it doesn't wear out compared with seat posts that use rubber to absorb shocks and vibration.
  • PRICE – Some may say that the seat post is pricey, but it is much less expensive than a full-frame factory-built frame.
  • ADDITIONAL WEIGHT – The post is a bit heavier than a regular seat post, but it does not matter for E-bikes.

We give it 3 stars for price and 5 stars for design. E-bike Lovers love the rack. Get your KINEKT isolation seat post on Amazon .

See the KINEKT “in action” during our next biking event as several E-bike Lovers ride with this seat post.

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