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This TowWhee Will Reduce Range Anxiety and Give a Peace of Mind

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A Tow Strap for E-bikes

A TowWhee is a bungee tow strap designed to tow a bicycle from another bicycle like a car tows another car.

It is designed to assist a stranded e-biker in case of a failure, such as an empty battery or a broken chain. It is also used by mountain bikers to pull other bikers on challenging hills.



The Tow-Whee's main purpose is to allow you to tether to a 2nd rider without having a threat of it dangling into your wheels when they get closer to you.

In addition, the manufacturer produces towing straps for children on bikes and skiers (see video below). 

Towing an E-bike

We looked for a tow strap designed for e-bikes after members voiced concern about battery ranges of their e-bikes. What can you do if one runs out of battery on a bike ride? Although rare, battery failures happen and chains may break in the field.

After some research, we found the TowWhee designed for e-bikes and motorcycles. We bring it along our e-biking events just in case a member runs out of battery or experiences a technical e-bike failure.

It Works as Designed

At the time of this review, we had the pleasure of towing one of our members due to a system failure. The results pleasantly surprised us.

An Excellent American Product

The TowWhee performed beyond our high expectations. It was easy to attach to the bikes. The strap did not entangle in wheels or chains and both riders felt in control. It performed without fear that it would fly in one's face if it were to break. 

It was easy to maneuver the bicycles on hills and flat terrain at the recommended maximum speed of 8 mph. Despite the heavy weight of our e-bike (>70 lbs.), the TowWhee did not snap. It is certified up to 500 lbs.   


e-bike love Guarantee

100% e-bike love Guarantee

We guarantee that we have reviewed and used products as described on this website. Our reviews are by E-bike Lovers for E-bike Lovers.  

  • EFFECTIVENESS - They work. No bells and whistles. The strap doesn't dongle or get caught on the ground.
  • MATERIALS - High quality bungee cord protected by an outer layer of strong fabric.
  • FIT - A strap is available for e-bikes and motorcycles. The "adult TowWhee" works fine with e-bikes.
  • SIZE - The strap is compact and weights just 5 oz.
  • WEATHER PROOF - The strap will not freeze and snap in cold weather.
  • PRICE - The TowWhee is a bit expensive, but the quality is outstanding and they are made in the USA.

If you suffer from e-bike range anxiety, consider a towing strap. It is cheaper than a session with a psychologist.

We give the TowWhee four stars for price and five stars for quality and product design. Get yours on Amazon.

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We are reader-supported. As an Amazon Associate, E-bike Lovers earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more.

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