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Documentary – Janapar: A Lovestory on a Bike

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Almost every journey is about getting from one place to another, but travelling by bike is purely about what happens along the way.

Over a period of four years, this documentary was filmed by Tom Allen, who found true love in Armenia while biking in thirty-two countries.

Armenia is close to my own heart, as that was where I met my husband, Gregory. You can read our love story in the New York Times.

Love, On A Bike

Janapar means journey in Armenian, and symbolizes an epic journey of a young man from the UK, who desperately wants to escape his mundane nine-to-five schedule as a web-designer. He decides to bike a vaguely planned route with only a compass, some necessaries and deliberately with no map or cellphone, it seems.

Picture of Tom

Tom has pedalled over 20,000 km in 50+ countries. He maintains a blog. Picture via

After starting with two friends who drop out quickly, he ends up in Armenia, where he finds Tenny, an Armenian-Iranian designer. They fall in love and decide to continue Tom’s journey together but with unexpected consequences.

Tenny Adamian, a graphic designer, is featured in Janapar. Picture via

The movie is an honest and life-affirming tale of finding what you’re looking for when you least expect it.

The 300-hour footage filmed by Allen of amazing scenery and sometimes sheer drudgery during his 12,000-mile journey, was turned into an award-winning feature film by renowned BBC Director James Newton. The original score is by award-winning composer Vincent Watts. 

Janapar's World Premiere was held at the 20th Raindance Film Festival in London on Sept 28th 2012.

This film is available on Amazon Prime. The book is available on Amazon.

Official selections include: ZagrebDox 2013, Bansko Film Festival 2012, Adventure Travel Film Festival 2013, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2013, Sofia Menar Film Festival 2013, New York Bicycle Film Festival 2013, Transatlantyk Festival Poznan 2013.

Spirit of Adventure Gold Award

Sheffield Adventure Film Fest 2013

Dr. Michael J. Hagopian Award for Best Documentary

Pomegranate Film Festival 2013

Best In Show

Adventure Travel Film Festival 2013

Janet Kat

Janet is a senior lawyer who has represented the US Government in large cases. She enjoys a good book and traveling to lesser-known destinations while exploring new cultures and cuisines.

Favorite e-bike: Tern HSD S8i Class 1 with belt drive and Bosch motor.

Janet Katz


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