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Freezing Cold Hands Are Something From the Past With These Bar Mitts

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Participation in our biking events drops when it gets colder. It seems natural to mothball the e-bike during the winter months. Only fools bike with frozen fingers and feet, so we bike toasty. You can do the same.

Winter E-biking Can Be a Great Experience

It can be a wonderful experience to e-bike during the colder months with the right clothing and protection. We love to stay warm and dry, and with some preparation, you can do the same. You do not have to be Dutch to enjoy cold-weather cycling.

Meet the Bar Mitts

Last year, we stumbled upon a fellow rider in Rock Creek Park enjoying the cold, freezing weather that day. He had a weird black contraption installed over the bar handles of his road bike. They looked like the horns of a buffalo. Upon further inspection, they turned out to be Bar Mitts. Designed initially for hang gliders, the mitts are manufactured for cold-weather biking.

They are advertised as a “cold weather, waterproof and windproof accessory to keep hands warm and comfortable in the cold, rain, snow, and wind.”

Bar Mitts Come in Difference Sizes and Fit E-bikes

Intrigued and reluctant, I tested the mitts last winter as my gloves did not keep me warm, and the price seemed steep. Why would I pay some $50 for some rubber ugly rubber thing that was supposed to keep me warm?

Oh Boy, They Perform

I am used to inferior performing products as I often test accessories and gadgets for E-bike Lovers. Not all the latest ideas and innovations work. I was prepared for a disappointment but took the risk.

On a chilly day, I took the mitts on a test ride on my Riese & Muller e-bike. I could not believe how well they performed. The generous size of the mitts covers the handles and controls and keeps hands surprisingly warm. They performed so well that I could bike in thin gloves that day. My hands felt like they were exposed to the temperature of a cold but pleasant autumn day.

They are Popular

I was not the only one who enjoyed the warmth of the mitts, as my first pair was promptly stolen from my bike. The Bar Mitts were gone, serving someone else at my expense.

I secured a second pair with plastic tie wraps to the handlebar, and the problem of opportunistic theft was resolved.


e-bike love Guarantee

100% e-bike love Guarantee

We guarantee that we have reviewed and used products as described on this website. Our reviews are by E-bike Lovers for E-bike Lovers.  

  • EFFECTIVENESS - They work. No bells and whistles.
  • MATERIALS - High quality fabric that will last for a long time.
  • FIT - Many sizes and types are available that fit e-bikes.
  • PRICE - They are expensive, although compared to the 45NRTH pogie from COBRAFIST, they are affordable.
  • LOOKS - The aesthetics of the Bar Mitts may deter you from purchasing the mitts.

We give the Bar Mitts four stars for price and five stars for quality and functionality. Get your Bar Mitts on Amazon.

See the Bar Mitts “in action” during our winter biking events when E-bike Lovers use the mitts.

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