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This Heavy Duty Bicycle Rack is Designed to Easily Transport E-bikes

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E-bikes are usually heavier than normal or "analog" e-bikes. The bike rack needs to be designed to handle the extra weight. Even if you take the batteries off the bike, it may still be too heavy for a regular rack to carry and for the biker to lift.

We have tested the Thule Easyfold XT2 bike rack for over 2,500 miles. It is an expensive rack, but worth the money if you want to travel safely with two heavy e-bikes.

Thule Easyfold XT2 carrying a Riese & Muller Supercharger with dual battery - 64 lbs.

Thule Easyfold XT2

A popular bike rack among E-bike Lovers is the high-capacity rack produced by premier brand Thule. The Easyfold XT2 is a remarkably well-engineered piece of engineering. It handles two heavy e-bikes weighing 65 pounds each. It also has a bike loading ramp. Some call it the Tesla of bike racks as its folding mechanism and high-capacity are innovative designs.

The bike rack allows the trunk to be opened with the e-bike attached. to the Thule Easyfold XT2.

A Good but Expensive Bike Rack

It pays to shop around as these racks tend to be expensive and in high-demand. Check out the Thule Easyfold XT2 on Amazon

Thule Easyfold XT2 requires a hitch to be installed.

Below is a video from EBR at Charlie's e-bike store on Wisconsin Avenue near Tenleytown in Washington, D.C., explaining in detail the pros of the Thule Easyfold XT2 bike rack.


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  • HIGH CAPACITY - High-load capacity bike rack for e-bikes. 130 pounds in total or 65 pounds per bike.
  • RAMP - Integrated folding bike loading ramp.
  • SAFETY - Lock bikes to the rack and rack to the receiver (locks included).
  • TRUNCK ACCESS - Easy trunk access with smart foot pedal tilt.
  • STORAGE - Foldable design with transport wheels and a carry handle.
  • SAFETY - Quickly attach and secure bikes with torque limiting knobs and ratcheting wheel straps.
  • HITCH SEIZE - Fits 1.25" and 2" receivers.
  • COSTS - Expensive.
  • WEIGHT - The rack itself is heavy. 
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN - The rack wobbles which is unnerving when riding on a highway. It is difficult to get used to seeing your bike move back and forth. 
  • HITCH IS REQUIRED - The rack requires the installation of a hitch if your car doesn't have one, adding another $150 to the costs of the rack. 
  • VISIBILITY - The rack is difficult to see in the rear mirror of the car when no bike is on the rack. It has no tail lights.
  • OTHER - The knobs to secure the e-bike are torque limiting which make them hard to turn "till the end."

We give it 3 stars for price and 5 stars for design. E-bike Lovers love the rack. Get your Thule Easyfold XT2 on Amazon.

See the bike rack “in action” during our next biking event as several E-bike Lovers use the rack.

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We are reader-supported. As an Amazon Associate, E-bike Lovers earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more.

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